Hello first post!

Hello first post!

Hello reader!

As this is my first post I thought I’d start by shortly mentioning my intentions for this blog. Simply I’d like this to be a place I post my progress with different small projects and hobbies I enjoy. As I’ll immediately prove, I mostly have no idea what I’m doing but I’m trying to figure it out. Hopefully it’ll be of use to someone, at least from an entertainment point of view.

Quickly passing the awkward introduction that I now feel am writing for myself allow me to present what I’ve done so far in my attempt to plant some condiments. My plan has been to grow them from seeds so I can learn how to better take care of my plants and also to have them fresh. I mainly decided on basil and parsley as I tend to use them a lot. For experimentation’s sake I also got some cheap flower seeds I don’t really know much for the balcony and some hot chilli.

I bought the VÄXER kit from IKEA to start the seeds in plus the rockwool they also sell. Then I followed the instructions and laid a row of one type of flower, another of another flower and three rows each basil and parsley. I did not yet have the chilli.

After three weeks they were fairly well grown, enough for me to attempt to repot them. Initially I thought the seeds would grow through the material and I’d just incorporate it into soil but that was not the case. The roots were floating so I knew I had to manually replant them.

From my local home center I bought cheap sets of plastic small pots designed for this and a bag of generic soil. From IKEA I bought their aquaponic-style ground rock. I thought I’d try giving the pots a substrate of rock to facilitate water flow. My previous experience with plants was that the soil keeps exceedingly moist and mould forms. To avoid the rock falling through the hole I used cheese cloth which works just fine.

The plants are very fragile. I read that it’s recommended to grab them by the leaves as the stem is easy to mess up the capillaries in.

Writing numbers ensures I remember which is which without making it difficult next time if I reuse them with different plants.

Finally everything was potted. I drained the water as they got a bit too wet for my liking. The kit has a lid so not much will evaporate.

So that’s it, hopefully a successful step towards healthy plants. We’ll have to see. I kept a row of basil and parsley in case this batch completely fails so I have a backup.

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